keskiviikko 28. tammikuuta 2015


Hello, digital world!

We are Team Spruce! A group of Finnish students from the University of Vaasa, and this blog works as our communication tool with the world during the course Communicating in the Digital World.

The theme of our blog is, wait for it, cats. Because aren't cats the creatures the internet was invented for? We believe they are.

In the future you will see weekly posts that are also assignments for our course. At the moment there seem to be six people in our awesome Team Spruce: Christina, Elina, Erika, Essi, Helmi and Joonas.

Our first assignment on our course was to identify a phenomenon of the digital world that does not yet have a name. You will be hearing about that in our next post. Meanwhile, we will leave you with someone who's definitely a phenomenon and also has a name: the Grumpy Cat.


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